Chatpate aloo

How to make Chatpate Aloo | Chatpate Aloo Recipe

Chatpate aloo is spicy stir-fry potatoes which is tangy and delicious spicy dish. These Stir-fried potatoes are good with green chili and tamarind give a very authentic flavor. Chatpate Aloo is perfect as a delicious appetizer/starter or you can serve this as a side dish with any meal. This potato recipe is perfect for fasting as […]

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Ashok Darjee

Ashok Darji Biography | A Viral Boy | Man Bina ko Dhan Thulo ki…

Ashok Darji´s Background Ashok Darji is 9 years old child singer. He is from poor family background with eight family members.He left his school in the last eight years and now he is returning back to school. According to her mother, Ashok started to sing when he was 3 years old. He used to sing […]

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Selroti Recipe

Selroti Recipe | How to Cook Selroti | Easy Recipe

 Selroti Recipe Selroti Recipe is a typical traditional homemade Nepali food recipe made from rice flour with adding customized flavour. It is specially prepared in sacred Hindu´s occasions like in Dashain, Tihar, Marriage, Bratabandh etc. It is a ring shaped like doughnut but sweet and crispy. You can eat selroti  either alone or with some […]

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Travel Nepal

A Trip to Nepal | Beautiful Places to Visit in Nepal | Travel Nepal

A Trip to Nepal | Beautiful Places to Visit in Nepal Travel Nepal Tourism is the travel of people from one place to another; whether it is within their own country or to the other countries.  Travel Nepal is a unique destination for the different kind of travelers who wish to travel as per their interest. […]

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Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer Recipe | Restaurant Style Matar Paneer Gravy 

Matar Paneer gravy curry recipe Matar Paneer is a popular South Asian vegetarian side dish. It enriched with high protein and spices aromas which is great in flavour. It is basically a North Indian curry recipe prepared from paneer cubes and green peas.We can usually serve it with plain rice, jeera rice or choice of […]

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