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Ashok Darji´s Background

Ashok Darji is 9 years old child singer. He is from poor family background with eight family members.He left his school in the last eight years and now he is returning back to school. According to her mother, Ashok started to sing when he was 3 years old. He used to sing in local bazar and collect some money for his family livelihood. Ashok roams whole day singing and playing in bazar as his parents’ can´t afford to admit him in school. According to his mother Lalita, Ashok mostly used to sing in bazar. He hardly sings at home.

The talent of little Ashok outshines his age. ´The future of Ashok Darji depends on the hand of media and good generous people´,says his father. He says he can´t properly take care of Ashok and feels if the generous people helped him and his son.

Date of Birth 2066-08-15
Name Ashok Darji
Father /Mother Name Purna and Lalita Darji
Home Bhalu Khola, Damak, Jhapa
Passion Singing
Total Family member 8

Best friends

School level Running

Bhuikatahar, Aryan Budathoki

First Meet with DJ Rupak

Firstly, DJ Rupak met the Ashok Darji in his home town Damak Jhapa where he used to sing in the street and collect some money for his livelihood. DJ Rupak made a video and uploaded in socialmedia.  DJ Rupak met Tanka Budhathoki (Music Composer) and deliver the Ashok Darji to enhance his music career. Tanka also liked Ashok´s voice. He began to search a good song that should fit with Ashok voice. Finally, he became ready to give him Man Binako Dhan Thulo song which Tanka had preserved for his son. Tanka is learning music for his 5 years older son. Actually, he had plan to sing the song by his son. His son has also published some songs in YouTube.

Before Recording Man Binako Dhan

As an only street singer, Ashok Darji had not the technical knowledge in music/ tune/ melody. He even can´t read the letter right way. Tanka had to face many difficulties in beginning. He made him familiar by visiting in studios, met his fan singer Melina Rai and taught him about the technical knowledge. Then, he recorded the the Man Binako Dhan in the studio 9. Tanka says that he implied his music teaching ideas from his son to teach the Ashok became very helpful.

Before the meet with Tanka, Ashok had not the good manner as he had not the idea how to speak in manner way, politely and behave to others. He says that Áshok has the god gifted high quality of voice. I composed the song matched with his voice. As result audiences response become good´.

Man Binako Dhan Thulo Recording By Ashok Darji

´Viral Boy´Ashok Darji´s first official song Man Binako Dhan Thulo ki. was released in YouTube on last May. The music director Tanka Budhathoki and Ashok Darji themselves are featured in the music video. The tune of the song is melodious. The Studio 9, helped to release the music video in public. The writer of the song is Biraj Bhatta.

After the video released Ashok has got chance to visit abroad to perform his song in stage show organized by Nepali national residing in abroad. Ashok has already performed Dubai and Malasia with grand success. He is also popular inside the country´s stage show as well. He has received a lot of applauds and good responses from audiences.

A Viral Boy /Trending in Youtube

Ashok Darji is the new YouTube sensation. He has captured millions of hearts and is trending on YouTube.  One million view was crossed in twenty-four hours when man binako dhan was uploaded in YouTube. Every video content with Ashok Darji has crossed the at least ten thousand views to ten million in YouTube. He has limit his space within the top ten YouTube trending since the time he released his official song man binako dhan.

Ashok Darji Sensation

Once in a pick time of Ashok Darjee. He came into dispute. Tanka Budhathoki was blamed to take Ashok and used him for his personal benefit. Ashok´s school principal Deepak Neupane had filed the application to bring him back to school. Neupane had also charged Budathoki of deliberately keeping Ashok incommunicado. The reason was that, music composer Tanka Budhathoki had taken away Darji from the school 17 days ago. “Tanka had taken away Darji saying that he will bring him back the next day, but he has not returned so far,” said Principal Neupane. Ashok is studying in Bethel Academy, Urlabari. The school has granted him for study up to 10 class.
Following the report, on Jul 26, 2018-The Judicial Committee of Damak Municipality, Jhapa, on Wednesday decided that child singer Ashok Darji must live with his parents.

Budathoki meanwhile dismissed the charges labelled against him by Neupane. He said that he had never intended to keep Ashok away from his parents.

Ashok Darji´s New House

He collected the four lakhs plus money from his first song uploaded in YouTube. Rest of the money was collected by donations from different kind-hearted persons and organizations. His house completed around 21 lakhs budget.

Ashok Darji

His new house is fully furnished having four rooms.  The house construction committee managed him all the necessary things inside the home for free. They include bed, sofa, cupboard, kitchen utensils, carpet, fall ceiling etc. Still, around two lakhs rupees deposit is Ashok Darji´s bank account.

The house can be added up to 3 floors. Neighbour of the Ashok in Damak say that, Ashok´s house is the best modern house in their tole.

Ashok´s new house´s key was handover on 20th August 2018 by Haribansh Acharya organizing a big public program in Damak.

 At Last,

As of now, we can see many news coverages about Ashok Darji on YouTube and channels. They are promoting Ashok not only for talent but also for the content. We hope Ashok gets a better future and people help him for his study and singing not only for the content on youtube.

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