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Long Holidays is belling around you. You may have plan to make memorable every year doing something new of visiting new places. The life of Kathmandu is running in busy schedule. Short tours or hiking can be your best refresher in this festive season. The climate of October is appropriate for the hiking. This article is mainly concerns with the famous Hiking near Kathmandu Valley, their routes, features and periphery.

  1. Champadevi Hiking

Start / End: Kathmandu / Pharping
Max. Elevation: 2300 m.
Hike Duration: Max. 5 hrs.
Trip Highlights:

  • Buddhist Stupa
  • Magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges, especially Langtang and Annapurna.
  • Pine forests.

A 2300 meters high peak, Champadevi acts as the border in the southeastern corner of the valley separating it from the Makwanpur district. Besides, the hiking experience this hill has a Buddhist stupa and people visit this place especially on the day of full moon to pay homage to the lord.

This day hike starts from a place called Pharping which lies 16 Km south of the Kathmandu. From here, you hike up following the trail, covered by pine forest for about another 3 hours to Champadevi. The hilltop offers magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges, especially Langtang and Annapurna. After Lunch and strolling around from sometime, we hike down following the same trail for about 1 and half hours.

Video: Champadevi Hiking near Kathmandu

  1. Namo Buddha (Hiking near Kathmandu)

 Trip Start / End: Kathmandu
Maximum Altitude: 1800 m.
Hike Duration: Minimum 5 hours.
Trip Highlights:

  • Holy site for the Buddhist.
  • Stupas and shrines.
  • Ancient Newar town Panauti.
  • Suspension bridge.

Namobuddha is a holy site for the Buddhist and lies in the Kavre district at an altitude of 1800m, about 38 km. east of Kathmandu. The stupa and shrines build up in this lovely little hill significantly enough mark a very ancient holy site where a legendary prince named Mahasattva offered him to starving Tigress with its several underfed cubs. This legendary episode is depicted in a very nice stone slab and place right next to a holy stupa.

Hike starts after we drive 35 km east of Kathmandu for about one and half hours to a place called Dhapasi via and ancient Newar town Panauti with packed lunch Box. From Dhapasi, you follow the uphill trail towards north-east direction and the trail narrows. Then you cross a suspension bridge and pass Through many small village to huge rice field which gives you a chance to see how Nepali people plant and harvest the crop (during appropriate season). From here, you hike steep uphill for about an hour to reach Namobuddha and the total hiking hours in 5 hours.

After lunch and strolling around from sometime, you drive down to Dhulikhel from about 30 minutes and one hour.

  1. Shivapuri Hiking from Budhanilkantha via Nagi Gumba

Trip Start / End: Kathmandu.
Maximum Altitude: 2563 m.
Hike Duration: 5 Hours
Trip Highlights:

  • Budhanilkantha Temple.
  • Shivapuri conservation area.
  • Monastery.
  • More than 500 species of vegetation.

Shivapuri is situated at an altitude of 2563m north of Kathmandu is second highest hill around Kathmandu valley, after the famous Phulchowki hill. This hill is located the Bagdwar, a source of Holy River Bagmati and is the biggest water supply to the Kathmandu valleys increasing population. You drive for about 45 minutes to Budhanilkantha Temple, one of the temples with biggest statue of Lord Vishnu sleeping in the ocean bed which lies 8 km North of Kathmandu. From Budhanilkantha, you walk through Shivapuri conservation area. This is the Government protected forest (National Park) where over 500 species of vegetation are found. You start your hike from the southern boundary of the area where the army check post is located.

Nagi Gumba situated at an altitude of 2330m north of Kathmandu and above Budhanilkantha Temple is only Monastery for the Nuns where about 200 Nuns practice Buddhism and foreigners often come there for meditation.
It is a steep uphill hike through narrow and dusty trail for about half an hour and two hours gradual uphill trail to Shivapuri.

After lunch and strolling around for sometimes, we take a short cut downhill trail to Budhanilkantha for about and half hours and drive back to Kathmandu.

There are numbers of Trekking companies in Nepal who guides you to the destination according to your choice. Price is negotiable. The best solution to find trekking companies is that you may google search to find the trekking companies in Kathmandu

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