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Katha Kathmandu | A Movie of Lust, Love and Life | Film Review

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Movie Review: Katha Kathmandu

Nepali Upcoming movie Katha Kathmandu is going to hit theatres around the nation on Sept 28.

Sangita Shrestha is the debuted movie director of Katha Kathmandu. She is also a Writer and tele-serial director.

Shrestha is the director of the series Katha Premka. She used to air on Kantipur Television. Kathama Aljhiyeko Prem is an anthology of short stories written by her.

The film features actors Priyanka Karki, Aayushman DS Joshi, Sanjog Koirala, Sandhya KC, Prekshya Adhikari, and Pramod Agrahari, and presents the stories of, as the poster of the film promises, lust, love and life. The film also features a cameo role by singer Indira Joshi.

According to producers, Aahana Films, the film portrays the separate stories of separate characters residing in Kathmandu.

It is the first movie where Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Ds Joshi are featuring together in a same movie

According to the movie director,the seeds of Katha Kathmandu were sown very early on when she was directing the tele-serial. The series not only garnered good responses but also offered to direct a feature. She was not yet prepared to do a feature then. Instead, she wrote a short collection, the response from which further buoyed her as a storyteller. In the upcoming feature, She has tried to tell an all-too-familiar story but with a different approach.

The movie song Ratka Kura has become a viral song sung by star singer Indira Joshi. We hope the movie is a one piece movie.

Synopsis of Katha Kathmandu


Cast: Priyanka Karki, Pramod Agrahari, Ayushman Desraj Joshi, Sanjog Koirala, Sandhya KC & Prekshya Adhikari

Songs: Ratka Kura,Jun ani Tara

Costume: Rojina (Kaira Boutique)

Dubbing: Machindra Rai Kulung

Sound Design & Mixing: Manoj Rajbhandari

Background Score: Shailesh Shrestha

Music: Mohit Munal, Kamal Khatri, Pradip Bastola & Suraj Bikram Thapa (Bullet Flo)

Action: Asta Maharjan

Colorist & VFX: Bharat Regmi

Editor: Mitra Gurung

Production Controller: Umesh Shrestha

Production: Buddhi Lal Magar

Script: Sangita Shrestha

Cinematographer: Lujaw Singh

Producers: Bijay Rai

Assistant Director: Bibek Lama

Written & Directed By Sangita Shrestha

Highlights Nepal has released the Katha Kathmandu movie trailer from its own YouTube Channel #HighlightsNepal

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