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Currently, there are ten universities in Nepal. All the universities in Nepal are supported and funded by University Grant Commission (UGC), Nepal government. Among them, Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University is the top University ranking in Nepal and renowned in International levels. Most of the Universities offer Scholarship Programs for Nepalese Students in the name of different types of quota.

Below are the list of Universities in Nepal:

1. Tribhuvan University (TU)

Tribhuvan University (TU) was established in 1959. It is the first national institution of higher education in Nepal. After promulgation of constitution of Nepal, It has remained as Central university. There are 4 faculties, 5 institutes, 39 central departments and 4 research centres in TU. For more detail https://tribhuvan-university.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
photo by TU webpage

2. Kathmandu University (KU)

Kathmandu University (KU) established in 1992 offers various courses on undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in science, medicine, engineering, management, arts, education, pharmacy, environment, music, human & natural resources, information technology and biotechnology, through School of Science, School of Management, School of Engineering, School of Medical Sciences, School of Education and School of Arts. For more detail http://www.ku.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo by KU webpage

3. Purbanchal University (PU)

Purbanchal University (PU) was established in 1993. The faculties of the university are: science and technology, management, arts, education, law, medical and allied sciences. For more detail http://www.puexam.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo by: University Webpage

4. Far- western University

Far- western University was established in 2012 at the side of western region of Nepal. The major teaching faculties are management, Education, Humanities and social sciences, science and technology, bachelor’s in engineering (civil), B. Sc CSIT. For more detail: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Far-western_University

Universities in Nepal
Photo: Kanchanpur Nepal

5. Mid-Western University (MU)

Mid-Western University(MU) was established in Surkhet in 2010.The University has set the academic program on management and business studies, contemporary studies, physical and life sciences, Educational Pedagogy and freedom in bachelor and masters level. For more detail: http://www.mwu.edu.np/

Photo: University webpage

6. Agricultural and Forestry University (AFU)

Initially, the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) was constituent institute of Tribhuvan University in 1972.Later, IAAS established as The Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) in 2010 located at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. It is the first technical universites in Nepal. The aims of the university is to produce highly skilled human resources required to work on quality research and development in agriculture. AFU aims at all round development of agriculture, livestock, aquaculture and forestry. The academic areas of AFU are research and development in agriculture, veterinary, fisheries, forestry and allied disciplines in different undergraduate, graduate and post graduate level with various subject.For more detail: http://www.afu.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: afu.edu.np

7. Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU)

Nepal Sanskrit University, established in 1986, Dang is second oldest University in Nepal. The academic program offered by NSU are Intermediate (Uttar Madhyama), Bachelor (Shastri), Bachelor of Education (B.ED), Masters (Acharya) and Doctoral courses in classical and modern subjects. It also offers intermediate in Aayurveda and short courses for Ayurvedacharya. NSU has 12 constituent and 13 affiliated Vidhyapithas (campuses) all over the country. For more detail: https://nsu.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: Tulsipur Online

8. Pokhara University (PU)

Pokhara University was established in 1997 located in Pokhara, Kaski. This University has 3 constituent campus and 49 affiliated campus. The teaching faculties are Management, Science and Technology, Health and Sciences, Humanities and Social Studies. Teaching method of all faculties are on semester system. For more detail: http://pu.edu.np/edu/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: University webpage

9. Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU)

Lumbini Buddhist University (2004) established in Lumbini the birth place of Gautam Buddha. The main aim to establish LBU is to impart standard education on Buddhist Philosophy, Literature and Culture, etc. The LBU also focuses on higher learning committed to addressing contemporary social problems through application of core Buddhist values and to promote World Peace. For more detail: http://www.lbu.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: The Himalayan Times

10. Nepal Open University (NOU)

Nepal Open University was established 2016 by the government of Nepal with Act No 3, 2073. The main motto is to provide access to quality tertiary/ higher education for all using relevant/ modern technology. For more detail: http://nou.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: The Himalayan Times

11. Rajarshi Janak University (RJU)

Recently in 2016, Nepal Government established RJU in province no. 2,Janakpur. It has also added its name in the list of Universities in Nepal. Curriculum, website design and building other infrastructures are under construction.


University like Institution

There are three institutions are autonomous granted and funded mainly from Government Nepal. They are the renowned medical hub of Nepal dedicated to produce skilled manpower in the field of medical sector.

1. B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Dharan

B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) established in 1993 upgraded it as university in 1998. There are numbers of Indian students studying in the institute as The University infrastructure are funded by India Government. In addition, Nepal and India has open border, Indian national do require any type of visa to enter Nepal except their identity card. For more detail: http://www.bpkihs.edu/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: www.bpkihs.edu

2. National academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS), Bir Hospital, Kathmandu

NAMS is one of the oldest hospital in Nepal, established in 1947. NAMS provides medical education different under graduate, graduate and post graduate levels. Each year. This institute enrolls around 100 MD, MS and MDS. It also offres Superspeciality fellowship courses on neurosurgery. For more detail: http://nams.org.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: Hamro Doctor

3. Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS), Patan, Lalitpur

Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)  locates at the central place of Kathmandu Valley, Lalitpur. It is good institute for health and research . The offered program by the institute are MBBS, MD/MS, Fellowship Program, Public Health Program and Nursing Programs on various levels. For more details: http://www.pahs.edu.np/

Universities in Nepal
Photo: The Kathmandu Post

The above mentioned information shows that Universities in Nepal are growing up in both of their quality and quantity. In the budget of 2075/76, Nepal Government declared to establish Bidushi Yogmaya Aurveda University in Bhojpur Nepal. This is the latest University in the list of Universities in Nepal. It shows that Present status of Higher Education in Nepal is gradually blooming up.


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