Neetesh Jung Kunwar

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Singing Career Facts


Neetesh Jung Kunwar Singing Career Facts

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is a rising singer, songwriter and loop artist from Nepal. Basically, He is popular for the songs, Gedai Jasto Jindagi, Euta Soch and Guffai ta Ho, Flirty Maya, Prarthana etc. As of now, he lives in the hearts of many Nepali pop fans with his right-to-the-point lyrics and songs.

Childhood Life of Neetesh Jung Kunwar

Neetesh Jung Kunwar was born in musical environment as his father was also a singer affiliated with Prism band. He was addicted to play guitar since his childhood. His father taught him to play guitar. It helped him to flourish his god gift potentiality. He performed his first stage performance when he was studying in grade seven. He used to sing Nepali, English and mix songs but he was never interested to sing Hindi songs. In initial stage of his life he used to take singing as something that makes him happy, a kind of thing. Till then, he had never thought he will involve in singing career in future.

  • Date of Birth:     May 26, 1994
  • Family Name:     Kunwar
  • Profession:          Singer, song writer, recording artist, vlogger
  • Birth Place:         Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Birth Sign:          Pisces
  • Height:               5 Feet 10 Inch
  • Best music instrument: Guitar
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Child passion: Riding two-wheeler (Bike, Scooter)
  • His favorite song: Hal ante
  • Favorite pet: Dog( he has his own named Happy). He takes him like his brother.
  • Favorite Festival: Dashain
  • Inspiration Person: His Father

He did +2 from Science background. He had a dream to be ranger. But, He could not hold science longer, then shifted in Management to fascinate to be a banker. Unfortunately, he could not complete bachelor’s in management. Between the time, he was continuing stage performance in college program, festivals and party also. But, it was not going professionally.

Career Journey of Neetesh Jung Kunwar

He started to work in a vehicle company. After working two years, he did not feel freedom. He thought, that was not the right place for him. He quit the job. After that, he stayed at home playing guitar, writing songs. His friends started to offer some stage show, that make him feel happy, get into insight in music. That was the turning point of his musical journey. YouTube channel and social media also gave him a good platform to show his talent.

Famous singer Neetesh Jung Kunwar  is  among youngsters and teenagers heart and has millions of fans. Most famous songs are Flirty maya, Sindhuligadi, Euta soch, ama baba,Paakhure le udai lagyo (Nisthuri Morilai), Guffai ta ho, nishthuri mori is recently uploaded song in youtube is regular on trending 4 since two weeks.

A new song of Neetesh Jung Kunwar’s “Flirty Maya” was released on YouTube on April 17, 2018. Where you can see the Jyotsna Yogi as a model in this music video. The song is pretty mixture of folk as well as rock music.

Hamro Nepal Ma is another acoustic cover by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. This song is another greatest composition of Neetesh. This song denotes the empty portion of life which obviously gets incomplete in the process of making money and being equivalent to machine. You can also find him vlog sites.

Singer Kuwar says to his followers ´Never stop doing. ´ you should follow your instinct, Never compare your life with others.

His latest released song is Prarthana. He dedicates the for his father.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar
Photo Credit: Adhyaya Creation

Most importantly,we can learn from him that how an individual can contribute to society.

Popularity of Neetesh Jung Kunwar on Social Media:

Youtube channel 290k subscriber

Instragram 9.7 million follower

Millions view in each songs

You can also find his all songs on his SoundCloud account

Follow him on YouTube:

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