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Pramod Kharel is a popular singer of Nepal. He has already recorded around 2000 songs in his vocal. Ma bina kasai kasai laai muskil chha pokhara maa, Oii Jhuma,laideuna ayale etc. are most of the popular songsAll over he is a still versatile singer who has his genre including ghazal, pop, modern. He has been through national and international singing shows.

As we all know that Pramod kharel is one of the most popular Nepali singers among Nepali audiences. He is one of the couch in The Voice of Nepal popular singing reality show.

The theme of the program is ´This is not only the selection and rejection of the contestant but also the judges.

The talents with powerful vocal are welcome in Battle Round (next round)

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Let´s Know about the Contestants in TEAM PRAMOD

Pramod kharel has welcomed nine contestants out of 48 contestants in his team. He will couch the music for them. The contestants are:

Sushil Gadtaula, Yogendra Upadhyay NiraulaSurekha Chhetri Tejendra Gandharva, Swechchha Thakuri, Suraj Tamang ,Rupesh Parajuli, CD Bijay Adhikari, Barta Gandharva  .

Surekha Chhetri: Pramod Kharel Couch

Nepali origin live in Virkuchi Guwahati Achhamese girl Surakha chetri has her old home in Sindhipalchowk. She has already sung many songs in different languages including Achchamese, Nepali, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri.

Surekha has achieved best female singer award 2018, also awarded best female debut singer award from the song `Nepali Jadiyo Osimia´. Nepali Achamese cover songs have become popular in her vocal songs.

Yogendra Upadhyaya Niraula (35yrs Old)

Mero akhama har din.. song original vocal was Deep Shreshtha, From Jhapa

Buzz by all judges

Swechchha Thakuri (22yrs Old)

Was a contestant in Nepali Tara 3, she had sung the song jahile samma sansarama… original singer is Milan Amatya, only buzzed by Pramod Kharel.

Barta Gandarbha (32 years old)

She is from Bhojpur, Eastern part of Nepal.

She sang the song  Hey meri Amaa naroi basa andhyaro kunama… in gandharba melody. The song of the music, lyrics is by herself. She is the original singer of the song. She was already popular in social media by this song.

Sushil Gadtaula

He is from Syuchatar Kathmandu

He sang a classical song with his amazing voice. All the couches buzz I WANT YOU botton.

Suraj Tamang (21 years old)

Suraj is from Dharan, Sunsari. He sang the song Malai Chuney Mero Hune…. Original singer is Yash Kumar. Only Pramod buzzes the chair and became his couch.

Fourty eight contestant will introduce into Battle round. The judges and couches for all the rounds are Deep Shrestha, Pramod Kharel, Abhaya Subba and Sanup Paudel.

The reason behind to wear same dress on the whole blind audition round is because of the terms and condition of the Program franchise according to press release paper released by program executive director Sushil Nepal.


The more information about other contestant will be in next series article… Please keep continue to visit our page.

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