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For a Perfect Balanced Life

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Life is about balance: Change your thought, Live the life

Life is about balance, finding the perfect between by doing and being. The balance between getting things done and being one with the universe. It´s about getting in touch with your soul. A balanced life is about being able to complete your human tasks. But still remaining present and knowing what is really important in your life. Here are seven things that are perfect for your soul.

  1. Reading for balanced life

There are so many books in the world that can help you expand your mindset and assist you rising to the next level of consciousness and happiness. Learn from the greatest teachers in self-development happiness and spirituality and apply what you have learned in your life.

  1. Gratitude

Gratitude is the greatest power on the earth that exposes the door to instant happiness. It is impossible to feel low when you are grateful. Everyone can find something to be grateful for. Start every morning by writing three things you are grateful for, write those things down so the sink into your subconscious and really feel those feelings of gratitude the watches your life better.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is perfect for the soul because it makes your mind quiet. When you are silence for all the unnecessary self-talk in the mind and become still even for a brief moment, your connection to your soul is at its peak. Even 5 minutes of silent or guided meditation each morning will make a huge difference in your patience and feeling for peace. Aim to work your way up to 20 minutes of meditation every day.

  1. Compassion

Compassion is all-inclusive for your soul because it reminds you this life is NOT all about you. It´s about giving and understanding knowing that all humans go through difficult times and nothing is personal. It´s about seeing the good in others. Seeing others for who they are, not their reactions and imperfections. Who can you show compassion towards today?

  1. Laughter

Laughter and genuine happiness is essential to complete and fulfilled soul. Life is meant to be enjoyed not taken so seriously. Invite more play, jokes, laughter and fun into your life. Hang around with those light hearted, fun people who don´t take things so seriously.

  1. Kindness

Exactly what this world needs more of. Unconditional kindness can only come from those with the pure soul and a special heart. Everyday ask yourself: Who you to kind today and Who will you be kind for tomorrow?

  1. Lighthearted

Lightheartedness and living in a state of non-seriousness. A perfect practice for anyone seeking inner peace and happiness. This doesn´t mean you turn a blind eye to pain and suffering in the world or you don´t care about the issues in the news. It means while you are with your loved ones, you are do not spend talking or vibrating negative energy from the past, not anxious of possible negative events in the future. It means living NOW. Enjoying NOW. Loving NOW and being free from caring what others think. Let go. Be lighthearted and live this day with ALL the joy you can let out. Let your joy spread like a virus and infect all those who see you. This day and Every other day for a balanced life.




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